From the ocean to our surf camps, nature plays a vital role in our lives. In a moment of great changes for the planet and humanity, it is crucial that we understand and consider our environmental impact and commit to taking the right actions to protect our home. Our dedication to sustainability is centered around preserving our planet for future generations, finding the proper balance and business model to coexist in harmoniously with our natural world.

Our Dream


As a hospitality business, our greatest contribution is to serve as an example of a clean footprint and inspire people to make better and more sustainable choices when they return home. Our focus is on creating a business model that, despite the economic growth, contributes to protecting our planet and does not take advantage of nature or social inequalities.

Our Fundamentals


In our mission to promote a necessary change for the planet, we at Dreamsea are adopting sustainable conducts and reinforcing our commitment to the environment by adhering these fundamentals:

Participate actively in the conservation of the ecosystem.
Promote low impact constructions and sustainable business models.
Encourage more conscientious use of the Earth's resources.
Strive for low resource and energy consumption.
Aim for lower levels of waste in all our destinations.
Cooperate with other sustainable companies.
Support social and ecological projects aligned with our philosophy.
Work for the satisfaction of our clients, customers, employees and suppliers.
Promote respect, diversity and equality.


As part of Dreamsea social responsibility program, we allocate a portion of each booking to support environmental collectives. We contribute to local institutions and collectives that are doing relevant work in terms of environmental protection and sustainability.

Plastic free ocean fishing nets

At Dreamsea, we live, work and play in the ocean, which is why we are proud to be the first surf camp to join forces with the Gravity Wave project. Gravity Wave reduces plastic waste by removing plastic from the ocean through fishing and transforming it into new sustainable goods. Gravity Wave helps us offset our plastic footprint and gives a new lifecycle to the plastic removed from the ocean.

Gravity Wave




Our surf camps are our most sustainable model as they are built with canvas tents, designed to integrate with nature. Natural materials such as bamboo or wood are primarily used in our eco-constructions. We built our camps manually and we are able to disassemble them at the end of the season without leaving a trace. At our surf camps, we teach surfing and invite our guests to discover the amazing connection with the natural world that surfing can provide.


We believe that through positive and joyful experiences in nature and the ocean, we can inspire people to love and appreciate the natural world, and therefore preserve it with kindness and respect, ultimately influencing our guest’s future choices. In addition to surfing, at Dreamsea we promote activities such as beach cleaning, workshops and talks to raise awareness about our impact on the planet and how we can have a positive influence.


Happiness is also part of our sustainable culture. As a team member or as a guest, we at Dreamsea strive to make the experience of our diverse multicultural community the best and the happiest it can be. We believe a happy community with positive values can be the best influence and example to follow. Our human resources team works closely with our sustainable team to track and improve guests and team satisfaction on a daily basis.

Dreams of Sustainability